Line Power ADSL Extender
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Line Powered Extender is made up of LU (Local Unit) and RU (Remote Unit). It provides transmission of data, voice and power signals over one user line, realizes one port for one user and solve the problem of user’s ADSL, IPTV and Video Surveillance service unavailable for long distance to CO. At the same time it can save the line resources. LU adopts 19 inch module card rack configuration, one port for one user, easy maintenance. LU will be installed in CO.RU (Outdoor type): one port to multi-port, it can be configured according to the user’s requirement, flexibility and convenience.

>Need no fiber, move down the DSLAM in advance
>One port for one user, saving resources
>LU and RU adopt module design, rack chassis, flexible configuration, easy maintenance
>Concentrated monitoring alarm of power supply
>DSLAM Repeater is on and off without affecting the original POTS service
>Extend the transmission distance between CO DSLAM and CPE Modem from 3.5km to 8km, still support POTS business
>Improve both up and down stream at the same time, Improve the existed ADSL user’s signal quality and bandwidth,Increase ADSL users
>Completely compatible with all ADSL system suppliers equipment (ADSL, ADSL2/ADSL2+)
>Support different kinds of ADSL Modem equipment from various manufacturers
>Supply both outdoor and indoor version, water, dust and thunder proof
>Support 8/16/32 ports capacity
>Technical Specification

RU Specification:
Power Consumption: less than 0.8W/port
Work Temperature:-40℃~+80℃
Relative Humidity: 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Line Code: Support DMT(ITU992.1 standard)

LU Specification:
Input Voltage: DC48V
Output Voltage: Max DC 96V
Work Current: 10mA

Powered Mode
LU power supply is DC-48V, RU could be powered by LU, make sure the RU working properly and stably
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